Legal Translation Services

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Do you need a legal translation service? Top brands trust Better Languages legal translations. We also work with law firms as well as individuals to translate legal documents.

Specialist legal translations

Our translators are legal specialists, also they only translate into their native languages. They are additionally, always professionally qualified in translation. Additionally they are either a legal or technical expert, depending on the requirements of the text.

Legal Translations into over 60 languages

We translate a wide variety of legal documents. Customers rarely ask for a language combination we haven’t done before. Clients trust our accuracy. Most texts are single language, into a single target language. However, we can also translate into multiple target languages if required. Translating into2 or more languages doesn’t significantly affect the delivery deadline, as we translate into each language simultaneously.

ISO: 9001 Quality Assurance system

We have a certified ISO: 9001 quality management system. The team carefully checks our translations for accuracy. We are also committed to continuous improvement. The better we understand your organisation and your requirements – the better the translation.

legal contract translations

We can translate contracts in a number of ways. Either we supply the translation in the target language only, or as a bilingual document paragraph by paragraph. We can also supply the languages side by side. We can work from uneditable documents if required. For example, in a court case, where the other side have disclosed the contract documents. They may only be available as a PDF. We will need you to supply the text electronically. Our team will price on an estimated word count if the source text is uneditable, . We are also likely to charge more, as there is additional layout work for the translators.

certificate translations

We translate a wide range of certificates both for companies and for private individuals. Most UK bodies accept our certificate translations, but please check any specific requirements before ordering.

notarized and certified translations

We can provide a notary service in most languages. Do check in order to be certain that you need notarization. It adds considerably to the translation cost, and is often not necessary. Most organisations want to know that the text is a professional translation. Therefore, our certification when we stamp and sign the translation on our headed paper, is often enough.


Legal translation requires specialist knowledge as well as technical ability from the translator. Its not just about knowledge of two languages. Its about the ability to express the legal concepts of one language, in a way which is understood in a second language. Legal translation services are all about expressing accurately the meaning of the original document.