Professional interpreters, or not so professional

Professional interpreters, Or Not So Professional Request a Quote Professional interpreters are highly skilled. It isn’t unusual for competitors to contact us because they are looking for interpreters. However, TheBigWord’s behaviour incensed me. So much so, that I feel I have to publish their unsolicited email to one of our staff in full. So why […]

Export Translations

Export Translations Request a Quote New exporters often overlook translation when starting to export for the first time. It is very easy to underestimate the impact of language as a potential barrier to trade. Getting export translations wrong can be a costly mistake. As an example, food packaging has to be in the local languages(s), […]

Business Impact of the UK General Election

Business Impact Of The UK General Election Request a Quote Some thoughts on the business impact of the UK general election. As CEO of a translation business, the impact of politics on international trade. is of real interest. I have been following the UK general election results with some trepidation. The key issue for our […]