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Its been a busy few days. Here is a summary of the latest Better Languages company news.

Building improvements

We have completing some building alterations. This has created a new board room and staff room. We’ve had a major upgrade of our IT system, and on the street the tram network is getting nearer completion with the opening of the junction with Abbey Street. NET seem to be predicting the tram line entering service some time in June.

Expansion of the Nottingham Tram network

The Nottingham Tram network will benefit our offices, once the new line to Beeston is open. We are very much looking forward to the work being finished. Customers will find it much easier to access our offices when the tram opens. It will be a short tram ride from the city centre. We will also be close from Nottingham University, Nottingham Trent University, or from Beeston and Chilwell. From Nottingham station, the tram will be give fast access to our offices. Road users will also benefit from the tram works finishing after 3.5 years under construction.

Better Languages website updates

We continue to update our website, we are adding additional pages, writing new content, and also updating existing pages. Our team are also working on making the website even more mobile friendly to improve the experience of site visitors. We really value feedback about our website. So if you have a comment or suggestion, use our quick contact form to send us a message.