Multilingual Translation Services

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Translation Services are the major area of our business. We translate into a wide range of languages, over 60 on a regular basis. Much of the work is therefore multi-lingual. Translating a single source language into multiple target languages. Professionally qualified, native translators carry out the work. We check all work before delivery.

Our Translation Managers manage all our multilingual translation projects. They act as a single point of contact for the client. Each translation assignment is different,  and so it is really important that we understand your specific needs.

Translation skills and strategies

Different types of text require different translation skills. Much of our work is translating retail texts. This  includes website and e-commerce translation. We also translate labels and packaging, as well as translating technical specifications and user guides. Additionally we also provide legal translations for businesses and individuals. Translations can be certified for use in the UK. Certification for other countries depends on exact local requirements.

Translators don’t just produce a literal word by word translation. We have to use professional judgement in order to produce a style and tone suited to your individual requirements. This includes both understanding the purpose of the translation, and the required target audience. Many retail translations have a marketing focus. The aim is selling the product. However, there may also be technical elements. These could include such things as required legal warnings, detailed technical descriptions, and sometimes even technical data sheets. We need to prepare translations with reference to specific market requirements. For example in many cases translations for EU countries have to meet specific EU requirements. These could include font size on packaging, and the need to reflect official EU terminology.

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