UK General Election – Business Impact

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As the dust starts to settle from the UK general election on 8th June, many international businesses may be asking themselves how this will affect the UK in international trade. Unquestionably, an uncertain environment just got even more uncertain. The risk for business in the uncertainty is to not taking the important investment and growth decisions. Not so at Better Languages.

Business Plans

We have just launched a major refresh and rebrand of our website, we hope you like it. The aim is to provide a more modern and mobile friendly design, with clearer signposting to our translation services. We are also working on projects to update our ISO: 9001 Quality Management System to  the 2015 standard. We have recently recruited 2 new Project Managers. The business has exciting growth ideas over the next 12 – 18 months.

So why the confidence? We believe that the fundamentals of the UK economy are sound. Despite the uncertainties of Brexit, and the UK General Election result, International trade can still thrive. Even though trade agreements with the EU and other parts of the world may be difficult and take time. Globally the translation industry continues to expand, as more and more businesses realise the potential benefits of trading internationally.

Translation issues post Brexit

One question we are frequently asked, is how will translation for UK businesses trading with the EU post Brexit? Divergence of UK and EU legislation, may indeed have an impact in the long term. But guess what? If you want to trade with the EU, you will still need to comply with EU legislation. This means for example with retail translation, that the legal warnings required on pack within the EU, will still be required post Brexit for packaging sold in the EU.

If you want to trade with EU states, you don’t have to wait for changes post Brexit. Food labelling has strict EU compliance requirements. This will not change post Brexit if you are selling in EU member states. It will be just as important as previously to ensure your EU packaging is EU compliant.