Better Languages Christmas and New Year opening hours 2018 – 2019 are as follows. We close for Christmas on Monday 24th December 2018. We reopen on 2nd January 2019. If you are making a new enquiry, we will respond after the holidays. If you are a regular customer, and need us urgently, please email us. We will respond as soon as possible. Please note that we check email periodically over the holiday. It may therefore take longer than normal for us to respond.

Christmas Holidays in different countries

Translators like having holidays too! Many of our team are in-country, and the public holiday dates vary from country to country. For example whilst the UK has a public holiday on 26th, Spain has a public holiday on 28th. Everyone celebrates Christmas day on 25th December, or do they? The orthodox calendar has Christmas Day on 7th January 2019. Of course many of our translators live and work in countries where Christmas is not a public holiday, for example in Egypt. Some countries start the holidays sooner. In Nordic countries, many people stop earlier for Christmas than in other parts of Europe.

Working with different public holidays

So how do we work with multilingual projects over the holiday period? As translators have different holidays, we negotiate overall delivery deadlines, to allow time for everyone to complete their work. Don’t forget that we also need time for QA and any project management tasks.

Contacting Better Languages

New enquiries over the holiday will be answered on our first day back, which is 2nd January. We won’t answer phone calls over the holiday, so if you need to communicate with us please use email, or use our contact form.

Best Wishes for a very Happy Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Have a great holiday.