We will close for Easter 2018 at 5pm today. Thursday 29th March 2018. We open again on Tuesday 3rd April at 9am. Some of our translators are working, because public holidays vary from country to country. Public holidays, as well as school holidays do vary as well. So you should allow extra time for your translation. If you need anything urgent, let us know as soon as possible.

Translation deadlines

We normally quote projects in terms of working days. So the practical effect of Easter, is that most assignments over the holiday will take two days longer, due to the UK public holidays. Where we have translators in other countries, they may, or may not be working.

Orthodox Easter 2018

We have translators in a number of countries that don’t celebrate Easter. We also have translators in countries which follow the Orthodox calendar. The Orthodox Church is celebrating Easter this year on April 8th. So Orthodox Easter is a week later in comparison to Easter in the UK.

Ordering translations

Contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of translation.