Moving Better Languages Online

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In many respects we have always been an online business. From the early days of the internet, we have always worked remotely. Our translators have always worked remotely. Many are in different parts of the world. When working with commercial translation services, up to date use of terminology in the target language is really important. Moving Better Languages online helps this process.

Convenient location

For the last 5 years the business has been located in modern offices on Lenton Lane, near Nottingham city centre. The location was useful for staff and our successful internship programme, as well as being convenient for private clients. However, our major focus has always been translation for business customers. Our corporate clients rarely if ever visit our offices, and our business needs are also changing.

Moving Better Languages online

To this end, we have now sold our offices at Poplars Court. Advances in technology make it much easier to do all our business online. Our servers used to be in the office, but now they are hosted by our IT suppliers. This allows staff to work on the network remotely. We have the potential to scale, without the restriction of a physical office.

Recruiting project managers has always been an issue, as we have always needed a specialised skill set, as well as location – in Nottingham. Now we have the potential to recruit from a much wider geography. There is also the option to recruit staff working remotely in other countries. This is only slightly more complicated, as we would have to meet local employment requirements.

Closing our internship programme

Reluctantly, we have had to close our highly successful internship programme. As it was EU funded, it was under threat from Brexit in any case, but the lack of a physical office makes it less viable to supervise and train students. We still have strong links with universities, and will need to look at online systems for staff development and training in the future.

Customer impact

So what can I expect of these changes as a customer? Existing corporate customers will only notice the change in correspondence address. There is no change to our phone number, email system, or client services. We have gained some IT efficiencies, as we are more secure and better supported in a virtual environment. There is a major change for private customers, in that we are no longer offering a certified translation service to private customers. This simply wasn’t efficient, and we are not really geared to this type of service. There are many competitors doing the same thing, and we are more efficient focusing on corporate business.

Talk to us

If you are a business with a current or future need for translation services, talk to us. Either call us on +44 115 9788980 or use this contact form.