Better Languages during the Covid 19 crisis

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Covid 19 is affecting all our lives. The first thing I want to say to anyone reading this post, is that I hope you are safe and well. We pray for real wisdom, courage and strength for the health professionals and other keyworkers on the front line fighting this pandemic. We also pray for anyone either fighting the virus themselves, or with friends and loved ones who are affected.

Better Languages and Covid 19

We have staff, customers and suppliers in many parts of the world. As a business we are well placed to cope with this crisis. Our systems are all online, and we can function normally with staff working from home. One of our staff members is currently stuck in Spain, because of the lock-down there and travel restrictions. They are though able to work normally, even making and received phone calls with our Nottingham phone number!

Working practices and the coronavirus

In normal times, we work remotely. Most of our translators are home based, and work largely in isolation. We are used to communicating mainly by social media, phone, and email. Our working practices aren’t really affected by corona virus. Several of our translators have been or are in isolation, but are working normally. We take personal health and safety very seriously.

Business outlook during the Covid 19 pandemic

So far, its pretty much business as usual. We are receiving regular work and enquiries. As we talk to our regular clients we are seeing some more impacted than others. In general the biggest change is with people working from home. As a business we are well placed to survive and thrive during and after the pandemic. We don’t have a big financial exposure. Our staff and suppliers are relatively unaffected.

Final thoughts on the pandemic

We really hope and pray that you are safe and well. The NHS in the UK has given some useful guidance on Covid 19 symptoms. Although the advice is aimed at the UK, much of it is also relevant in other countries. If you need our services, or have a question about any aspect of translation, please call us on +44 (0)115 9788980 or use our contact form to get in touch.