About Us

Accurate, profesional translation

Proofreaders checking a translation for quality assurance

We help major global brands speak to their customers – in any language.

Trading since 1983, we still have three of our original customers. They still value Better Languages professional translation. Just as they did back in the 1980s. They also value the same customer service, as they did then.

Derihon Coquard, DebenhamsI highly recommend the translation services provided by Mike Hunter at Better Languages. (They) have provided us with a consistent professional service. Their strong attention to detail and meeting of strict deadlines has impressed me greatly. They also provide a strong after-care service.


Meet our Directors: 

Mike has a senior management background in the UK and Spain, and holds an MBA from Nottingham Trent University. He is a past director of EMITA, the East Midlands International Trade Association. He is also chair of the charity Renew Wellbeing, an organisation equipping churches to help adults with mental health issues.

Bea is a qualified translator and interpreter. She has over 20 years senior management experience within the translation industry. Bea holds an MA in Translation from the University of Nottingham, and is also a qualified interpreter.

Ande is a qualified solicitor having been admitted to the role in 2017 following a law degree and completion of the legal practice course at Nottingham Law School. He is also a specialised digital marketer with a background in media buying and website development. 

Bethany has 4 years experience in project managing and a BA from Derby University. She heads up our accounts department as well as being the first point of contact for most of our biggest clients, providing help and assistance throughout the translation process. 

Our customers value:

  • Breadth of languages covered. Better Languages translates into over 60 languages regularly, while in comparison, many competitors offer a limited range of languages.
  • Ability to handle complex multilingual projects such as e-commerce translations, multi-channel marketing campaigns, translating technical manuals, or multilingual labels and packaging
  • Our professional project management team. Our Project Managers understand customer needs. They are professional linguists rather than a sales team.
  • Can-do approach, as a result of which, we will work with you to solve problems.
  • Our ISO: 9001 Certified Quality Management System, and our commitment to quality
  • Our strong sense of business ethics and values

Talk to us about your professional translation requirements. If you would like us to provide a quote, we simply need:

  • your full contact details: name, (and organisation name if representing a business) address, as well as a contact phone number
  • a copy of the source document which you need translated
  • any special information such as intended use
  • any special formatting requirements.

Contact us for a professional translation.