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ISO: 9001 certified translation services

People often ask us about professional standards in our industry. Whilst there are standards specific to translation, the only recognised international quality standard is ISO: 9001. We work hard to ensure a consistent and accurate approach to translation. We use the best suppliers, but are always looking to improve our service. Customer feedback is also important in this respect. You can find out more about our ISO: 9001 certified translation services below, you can also explore the rest of our website.

Customer feedback

If we do something well, please tell us. If we do something wrong, please tell us as well! Translation is never perfect, because it is an art rather than a science. We could probably improve any translation if we had limitless time as well as limitless resources. However, our aim is always to produce high quality work, which is fit for purpose.

We take translation quality very seriously, and are also committed to the highest professional standards. We have  a comprehensive ISO: 9001 quality management system.

Selecting suppliers

Everything we do impacts our translation quality. We only select the best translators. Criteria include a professional qualification in translation. They must be native of the target language, and have the required specialism for a specific project. Proofreaders must have the same level of qualification as one of our lead translators.

Continuous improvement

Customers often overlook this is an important aspect of quality. If we work with you regularly, we understand your needs, your products, and any specific needs of your business. If you just buy on price, and contract a different translation company for each project, you lose the benefit of this learning process. This impacts negatively on translation quality.

Management processes

Key to our quality, is our project management, and overall business management processes. You will always deal with a named project manager, who will understand your business, as well as your requirements. We regularly review and improve our management processes, in order to give you the best possible level of service. If you think we can do something better, do tell us!