Many companies claim to offer a quality translation service. However, how do you check out these claims? Our carefully chosen supply chain is the key to our quality.


Translators and proofreaders

We ensure quality by selecting great lead translators. The best QA process in the world will not easily remedy a bad translation. This is one reason that we don’t normally proofread translations done elsewhere.

We only work with qualified and experienced professional translators. We carefully select them in accordance with our quality standards. Our team matches the skills and experience of the translator to the individual translation assignment. We are not just a “middle man” like some of our competitors. Translation assignments are often complex. They need careful and diligent collaboration between translators. The QA team, the project manager, and you the client, are also vital.

We carefully check all our translation in order to ensure that it meets the highest standards. In addition to our standard process, we can price for extra proof-reading. We can include artwork checks, as well as linguistic validation, depending upon your needs.

The business started in 1982. We have professional translators covering a wide range of languages, as well as specialisms. This includes some of the rarer languages like Slovenian.

Ever found translation companies distant, or maybe impersonal? We work hard to develop a personalised translation service which matches customer requirements. That’s why our customers use expressions like “you’re always there for us” and “you’re dependable”.

If you are a professional translator wishing to apply to Better Languages, please consult the our translators page before applying. We will only consider you if you are professionally qualified in translation. Due to the high volume of CVs received, we regret can not respond to all applicants personally.

IT support

Our IT support is provided by local Nottingham company Smellie Savage Computers. This includes hardware and software support, as well as maintenance. We regularly update all software, especially our anti-virus software. The IT team back up all data, both on and off site. We have built in redundancy not just of hardware, but also with two completely separate broadband lines.

  • Marketing case study

    Marketing Translation

    We work with marketing and brand agencies, as well as with marketing departments of large multinational clients. Here is a case study of work we did for a local Leicestershire marketing agency.

  • Translation case study

    New Look Retailers

    Better Languages worked with New Look in the mid noughties, helping them enter new European markets by translating a wide range of retail texts.