Our marketing translation work for a local Leicestershire Marketing Agency

Better Languages works with marketing agencies and marketing departments of corporate clients. We deliver a wide range of marketing translation services depending on your requirements. This case study explains the kind of translation work we carry out for our local Leicestershire client.

Marketing Translations – Motivation Campaigns

We provided translation services into 11 European languages for an on-line corporate incentive scheme for a major multi-national corporation. We delivered a high volume of work to tight deadlines, and in multiple languages. Our team worked closely with our client ensuring we used the correct technical terminology. We also read the work for consistency of style and tone with the client’s style guide. Our lead translators were all marketing translation specialists, and based in-country within the target markets.

We provided additional text to tight deadlines as we neared launch, this is typical with website translation work. It is quite normal for you to require further things like extra alt text, error messages and other pop-up text. We delivered a high quality translation service within deadline, and within budget.

Marketing Translations – Translating subtitles

When we translate sub-titles or scripts for audio dubbing, a big issue is the difference in length between English and the target languages. We love working with Simplified Chinese in this respect. It is heaven for a subtitler, as Chinese is one of the few written languages which are a lot shorter than English. When we translate into European languages, character length is really important to enable correct spotting of the subtitles. Translating the script requires special attention to timings as the available length for dubbing is a crucial factor.


We do very little interpreting these days, but in the mid noughties we provided an interpreter in southern Spain. Not only that, but the required language combination was English and Catalan. Our assignment was motorcycle racing related, and our interpreter not only had the required language combination, but is also a keen motorcycle racing fan! We also did some Catalan translation.

Find out more about the difference between translation and Interpreting.

Our clients are near neighbours, (always relative when we have clients as far afield as the Seychelles and Hong Kong!) being based in Leicestershire. We have worked with them on an interesting and diverse range of marketing translation projects. Our translators like working on their projects due to the range of work and quality of source material. We also appreciate the way they liaise with us so well when responding to marketing translation queries. Read more about our Leicester Translations.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of marketing translations, use the quick quote form at the foot of the page, alternatively, read more about our translation agency.