Better Languages worked with New Look from the mid noughties. We helped them by providing expert retail translation. This was crucial to their strategy, as they needed translation to be compliant in their target countries. The marketing aspect was also important. We helped them to sell more product. New Look are a major UK fashion retailer. They already had stores in France. We worked with them on projects for new European territories, this resulted in them trading effectively in new markets.

We provided a variety of types of retail translation. This included the translation of product packaging, as well as labelling, inserts, and marketing materials. Other technical areas of translation included point of sale information. We also translated HR materials, in addition to in store signage. As with many retailers, work was often high volume, and on tight deadlines; requiring the use of specialist retail translators.

Translation tone of voice

New Look position themselves at a fairly young demographic. The correct tone of voice was therefore particularly important in engaging with their customers. We worked hard in order to ensure that our translations matched their brand guidelines. Our translators were therefore careful to use an appropriate style and tone. This resulted in engaging and interesting translation copy.

ISO: 9001 certified retail translators

We understand retail, having worked with many UK and international retailers since the 1980s. Our translation processes are in accordance with our ISO: 9001 quality management system, which ensures continuous improvement. We carefully craft all translation, using target language native professional linguists. We also rigorously apply independent QA checks. This has the consequence of us producing highly accurate professional translation. Our Translation Managers account managed New Look projects, thereby offering a convenient single point of contact. We provide this service to all our major retail clients. We also use the same translators as well as QA checkers wherever possible. This results in the best consistency with previous translations, as well as greater accuracy. This also allows the translators to gain understanding of the product range .

Our work:

We made a major change in 2006 by starting to use in-country translators. This was instead of our previous practice of using UK translators. We introduced this as fashion retail is fast changing. It is therefore especially important to use up to date in-country terminology. Translators who adopt English within the translation can sound quite trendy, and therefore produce a better translation. We may well set a trend, as retailers seek to differentiate their products with different cuts and styles. Our choice of a word or phrase may well become adopted as standard in the target language within fashion retail.

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