Better Languages provides expert Marriage Certificate Translation Services. When you present one of our certified  translations, to an official body in the UK, they are normally accepted, however overseas, you may need the translation notarised.

  • translation into most major languages
  • certified translations accepted by most UK bodies
  • accurate translation
  • clear layout and formatting
  • over 30 years trading
  • ISO: certified for translation services

Before you contact us here is a check list of things you will need:

  • A good quality scanned copy of the original document, complete with no omitted sections
  • Your full contact details including name, postal address, e-mail address, and a contact phone number
  • a list of any specific requirements of the organisation you need to present the document to, please check thoroughly as requirements vary

Marraige Certificate Translation Services

Marriage certificate translations will not normally be recognised by authorities in the UK or overseas unless they have been undertaken by a recognised translation company. As a result, a large part of our marriage certification translation work involves certifying the translation on our headed paper, stamping and signing the document.

What we include in our service

  • Professional translation by a target language native professional legal translator
  • Independent checking by a second linguist
  • Format and layout checks
  • Certification on our headed paper, stamped and signed
  • Delivery by first class post within the UK, overseas delivery will incur additional cost
  • 3 copies of the document

What we don’t include

  • We will only certify our own translations, so will not validate a translation provided by you
  • We will only work with clear copies of legible original documents
  • The team won’t change names or any other aspect of the document – the translation will faithfully represent the original
  • Notary services are extra to our standard rates, and significantly increase the cost – so check this is really required before ordering!

Marriage Certificate Translation Services you can rely on

If you want your marriage to be legally recognised in another country, you will probably need a certified translation. This essentially means that a professional translation company carries out the translation, and then certifies that their document is an accurate translation of the original. We can stamp and sign every page of your translated marriage certificate to vouch for its accuracy, which is normally sufficient for UK use. If you present the document in another country, you will probably need to meet that country’s specific requirements, which could be different to the UK.

Notarised Marriage Certificate Translation

For some purposes, and to satisfy some jurisdictions, you may possibly require a notarised translation. We can arrange this process on your behalf. The translator appears personally in front of a public notary, and swears to the faithfulness of the translation. For this process we need original documents. Check whether you need notarisation, as it adds considerably to the translation cost, in addition to the process taking longer. In the case of the notarised translation, you are paying for the translator’s time to appear before the notary, the notary’s time to undertake the hearing, and the cost of the notarising process. You must also cover any administrative costs in supplying the original documents and in receiving the notarised documents, which will need to be originals.

Your circumstances dictate the type of translation you require, and whether you need it certified, or notarised. Different bodies, and especially different jurisdictions, will most probably have different specific requirements. For more information, or to request a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch.