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Better Languages 5 key facts:

  1. Translation Services into over 60 languages. We work from Arabic to Zulu, (OK not much Zulu, but tons of Arabic, as well as many other languages).
  2. Top brands trust us for high quality translation, read our case studies, and check our clients page.
  3. ISO: 9001 Certified Quality Management System, here’s our registration certificate, working towards ISO: 14001.
  4. Our most translated language this year is French. People often think we work mainly in European languages. However, many clients require translations for other parts of the world. We do lots of Chinese translation (both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese). Our team also works with Korean, Indonesian, and Canadian French, amongst many other languages.
  5. We can help with specialist typesetting for right to left languages such as Arabic, Farsi or Hindi. Standard versions of all major design programmes such as Illustrator or InDesign corrupt right to left languages. We can also typeset and provide print ready InDesign or PDF files in standard languages. We have the necessary fonts for handling Cyrillic scripts, as well as Indian and Asian languages.

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Label Translation

Our dedicated page to all things labels! This is one of our major specialisms.

Marketing Translation

Find out all about our approach to marketing translations.

Website Translation

Websites require specialist attention, they often require several translation specialisms, and careful attention to correct display and forematting.


Find out more about the history of Better Languages, our management team, ethos and values.