Better Languages are an award winning translation services company. We offer businesses efficient, professional Derby translation services. We work with all major languages.

Professional Derby Translation Services

Do you need the services of a professional translation company? Maybe you need to translate export packaging, marketing materials, or a commercial website. Please note that we only serve corporate clients.

You will work with a named Project Manager. Our translators are always fully qualified, normally to post-graduate level. They are also native of the target language, and of relevant specialism. We also independently check all our translations. We have rigorous QA systems as part of our accredited ISO: 9001 quality system.

This means that we provide you with a highly accurate translation. This is both in terms of general language use in the target country, and in terms of industry specific terminology.

All Major Languages

We can provide you with high quality translations into almost all world languages, from Arabic to Zulu. Okay, we don’t do much Zulu, but you get the idea! We have translated our own website into Arabic, French, Flemish, German, and Spanish. The team works on a wide range of website content for major corporate clients.

We not only translate between vastly different languages, but also between very similar languages. A good example is British English and American English. We ensure that your text speaks directly to its target audience. You may think that British English and American English are virtually the same. UK audiences are very used to reading American English. However, this is much less true of a US audience. They will think your UK text sounds a bit odd, and has dodgy spellings!

Translation is also importantly about understanding two cultures, that of the source language, and that of the target language. In most instances we use in-country translators to ensure most up to date use of terminology. There are exceptions however. For example, we tend to use western based Korean native translators. This is because it is really important that the translator understands the source language culture.

Projects of all Types and Sizes

Our Derby translation services can help you complete projects large and small. Our services range from translating short technical documents into one language, to translating major websites into over 40 languages.

We also offer translations for a range of projects, whether it’s translating legal documents or marketing messages. As many of our projects rely on conveying accurate, specific meanings; we provide far more than a literal translation. Our native translators pick up on the nuances of the target language. They create translated texts that really speak to your intended audience.

Better Languages have been offering Derby translation services since 1982. We therefore have plenty of experience working on all kinds of projects. We work with businesses big and small to deliver professional translations, and our clients include household names as as: Debenhams, Thorntons, Iceland Foods, and Mothercare.

To find out more about our services, please contact us or give us a ring on 0115 9788980.