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Contracts are legally binding documents which should ensure fair and equitable treatment of all parties. Accuracy and precision is therefore particularly important when it comes to contract translation services, in order for the reader to understand the intended meaning of the original document. Our legal contract translations therefore focus on expressing the meaning of the original document accurately and faithfully within the target language.

Please note that we only provide translations for corporate clients, we don’t work for individual customers.

Translating bilingual contracts

Bilingual contracts normally include a clause stating that the original language takes precedence in any instance of dispute. This is fair and equitable, as the original legal concepts are what is relied on. For example, if we translate a Spanish property contract, all the legal concepts in the original document will be Spanish legal concepts. As Spanish law differs from UK law in significant respects, we cannot simply give equivalent English legal terms.

If either party seeks to sue under the contract, it is likely to be through the Spanish courts. Our task is to accurately express any Spanish legal concepts and contract clauses within the translation, so as to draw them to the attention of the reader. Even a simple term such as “limited company” does not have an exact equivalent under both legal systems. The Spanish concept of a limited company is very similar to the English concept, but is not identical, and has slightly different legal obligations. Legal contract translation is normally very literal to the original source text.

Professional legal translation company

It is vital that you ensure that you understand the legal rights and obligations of both parties to a legal contract. Even the slightest discrepancy or disagreement can cause significant problems if there is a future dispute. We present our contract translations as accurately, clearly and concisely as possible. Our translators are always professionally qualified translators, and native of the target language. We independently QA check your translation, applying formatting and translation checks, as well as a final review by the Project Manager before delivery. The result is high quality, and accurate legal contract translations.

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We handle your project applying our legal translation expertise, in order to ensure a faithful translation. You can rest assured that our translation will accurately reflect the original. We undertake all contract translations in accordance with our ISO:9001 UKAS Certified Quality Management System.

Our contract translation services can help ensure that you, your international partners, clients, or contractors; all have a clear understanding of their legal rights and obligations. Depending on specific jurisdictional requirements, we may also be able to certify your translation.

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