French Translation Services

French translation services

We do more French translation than any other language. We have over 30 years experience with both marketing and technical texts. If you need a specific variant of French, just let us know.

Professional French Translators

In addition to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Canada have French as an official language. It is also used for business in a number of African countries. There are important differences from country to country. The biggest is between European and Canadian French.

European and Canadian French

Comparing the two is a bit like comparing US and UK English. They are similar. However, there are also important differences. This applies with both marketing and technical texts.

Our French translators are always native. They also have the correct locale. Native ability is vital for both accuracy and quality. For Canada, we always use Canadian French translators.

We individually select our translators for each job. We look at both their qualifications, and relevant experience. This is vital for correct and accurate expression.

Passionate About Language

We’re not only French translation experts, we’re also passionate about language. French is one of the most beautiful and romantic languages in the World. French speakers are very proud of their language and expect to read clear and accurate documents. The wrong locale, or a poor translation, will damage your brand.

Proofing Your French Translation

Great French translation has a number of aspects. Firstly, we use the best translators. Secondly, we apply careful independent QA. Thirdly we check formatting and terminology. Fourthly, text layout on your artwork is vital.

Formatting and layout

Once we finalise your text, we send it in a pre-agreed format. French displays well in most formats. We can price to typeset your artwork if needed.

There are some important differences with English. So follow our layout carefully if you need to manipulate the text.

Pay special attention to accents. Spacing within sentences is different to English. For example colons and semi colons have spaces before them. French also uses a comma as the decimal point. So $10.000,00 is ten thousand dollars in French.

Design programmes work well with French text. The main challenge is that French is typically around 25-30% longer than an equivalent English text. We can typeset your French artwork, and are happy to provide a quote on request.

We also offer a finished artwork sign-off service.  This is where we proof our French translations on your finished artwork. This is an important part of QA, as it is very easy to make cut and paste errors when transferring text onto artwork. Please note that we will only check our own translations. Let us know if you need a quote for this service.

Contact us today to discuss your French translation requirements.