German Technical Translation Services

Translators working on a website for a retail client

German Technical Translation – Specialists

When you need a German technical translation, it is important that we understand your industry. Our translators are specialists. We don’t only consider language, but also specialist vocabulary in your industry. Many clients assume that specialist translations will cost more. We are at the higher end of the market. This is simply because we use the best linguists as both translators and proofreaders. All our work is specialist in one way or another. This is the only way to achieve the highest standards.

Our team is experienced in translating for your industry. We work hard to ensure we are familiar with your specific terminology. For example, for a German mechanical engineering text our lead translator will specialise in mechanical engineering. We only work with the best qualified translators. If a translator doesn’t have the right experience we don’t use them for your project.

All of our translators are professionally qualified, usually to a higher degree level. So, when you receive our German technical translation services, you are working with the best qualified, most experienced translators. We select our proofreaders on the same basis as our lead translators, this gives an independent check of the work. Additionally our project managers also QA your project.

Native Speakers

German has over 100 million native speakers worldwide, and so German translation is something we are well accustomed to. This means that we are ready to carry out your German technical translation.

Our translators are highly experienced and qualified in a specific area. They are also native, and either living in, or have close contact with the country of your target language. This is important because it means that our translators pick up on all the nuances that non-native speakers cannot. This results in highly accurate translations. Living in the country also means that they stay up to date with changes in specialist terminology.

Our high standards mean that you can place complete trust in our German translation services. Please get in contact as soon as possible so we can discuss your translation project.