International Translation Services are a key requirement for businesses looking to sell in global markets. International Translation Services help you communicate with the world, reach more markets, and sell more products or services. It is easy to compromise your message with poor translation, you can avoid this by selecting us as your regular supplier. Better Languages provides highly accurate professional translation for leading international brands. Regular clients include Debenhams, Mothercare, Paul Smith and Next.

Translation process

Translation is not simply about understanding the source and target languages, hence you must work with a professional translation company. Our translators are:

  • post graduate level qualified
  • native of the target language
  • carefully selected for their technical specialism
  • humans, not machines

Ensuring translation quality

Our reputation has been built on highly accurate, professional translation. Our QA processes include:

  • selecting the right lead translator for each language pair
  • extensive independent QA by a second linguist
  • before delivery, additional checks by the Project Manager, are most important to ensure correct layout and formatting
  • Named Project Manager, as your key point of contact
  • wherever possible the same translation team for the same client

International Translation Services team

Supported by industry leading software

Use of translation industry software will normally allow us to closely follow the layout and formatting of the source text, providing it is in an editable format such as Word, XML or an editable PDF. We use glossaries and translation memory in order to ensure consistency and accuracy. We also maintain translation memory of previous assignments for the same client, allowing us to ensure consistent use of terminology from one assignment to the next.

Working with uneditable text

If you only have uneditable artwork, or an uneditable PDF, depending on the quality of the original, we may be able to use OCR software to extract the text, alternatively if we have to work from a completely uneditable original, we will follow the layout as logically as possible, but may have to charge extra for extracting the text and formatting.

International Translation Services

In a global marketplace, our flexibility to handle multiple languages on a single project, and our ability to work in many different languages, is an especially important benefit of working with us. We are rarely asked for a new language, so are likely to deal with all the languages you need. Many of our projects are complex multi-lingual jobs into a wide range of languages, hence you can have confidence in us to handle your multilingual project. Our largest number of languages on a single order to date is 42. Our project management and QA team are used to dealing with a wide range of languages on the same project, and thus offering truly international translation services. Contact Better Languages to discuss your requirements.

  • Translation case study


    Global retailer translation case study - Mothercare

  • Translation case study

    New Look Retailers

    Better Languages worked with New Look in the mid noughties, helping them enter new European markets by translating a wide range of retail texts.

  • Marketing case study

    Marketing Translation

    We work with marketing and brand agencies, as well as with marketing departments of large multinational clients. Here is a case study of work we did for a local Leicestershire marketing agency.