Italian Translation Services

The betterlanguages team working on a translation project

Are you expanding into Italy? If so, you need Italian translation. In areas such as food, it is legally required. Consumers won’t buy a product if it isn’t in their language. So translation makes good marketing sense.

According to the EU there are over 59 million Italian native speakers. It is also a second language to a further 14 million. Worldwide there are about 85 million speakers. Italian is one of four official languages In Switzerland. There are also Italian ex-pat communities in other parts of Europe.

Our Italian Translation:

We provide great Italian translation. Our specialisms include:

Label translation: for fashion retail, food labelling, as well as general merchandise.

Retail translation: This includes translating pack copy and inserts, HR, Health and Safety, as well as point of sale information, marketing and e-commerce.
Website translation: We work with a wide range of web content in a variety of formats including Word, Excel and XML.
Marketing translation: Marketing collateral both for print use as well as online.
Multilingual Typesetting: we also typeset Italian. It is typically 25 – 30% longer than an equivalent English text.
E-commerce translation: E-commerce is growing in Italy, but is still behind countries like the UK and Germany. Maybe you are market testing a couple of products. Perhaps, developing an eBay or Amazon store. We can also supply full e-commerce website translations.
Branding translation: We can also localise your brand message into Italian.

Why Choose Us?

We work with many top brands. Recent Italian projects have included a large fashion range for a major retailer.

Our team are highly qualified native linguists, ensuring great Italian texts. They also specialise, ensuring accurate technical expression.

We can also localise into Swiss Italian if required.

We have provided Italian translation since 1982. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We’re always happy to help.