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Why translate into Italian?

According to the EU, Italian is spoken by over 59 million native speakers. It is also a second language to a further 14 million. The total number of Italian speakers worldwide is around 85 million. Italian is one of four official languages In Switzerland. There are also several different Italian dialects across the rest of Europe.

Are you intending to expand into an Italian speaking country? If so, you need to consider Italian translation. In many areas such as food, this is a legal requirement. However consumers usually won’t buy a product if it isn’t presented in their language. So translation makes good marketing sense, and localising your product is vital for success.

What we do:

We provide a wide range of Italian translation. All our work is human authored by native translators. We also independently check all work, and you work with a named project manager. Our specialisms include:

Label translation: this includes fashion retail, food labelling, as well as general merchandise.

Retail translation: This includes translating pack copy and inserts, HR, Health and Safety, as well as point of sale information, marketing and e-commerce.
Website translation: We work with a wide range of web content, and supply translations in a variety of formats including Word, Excel and XML.
Marketing translation: Marketing collateral both for print use as well as online.
Multilingual Typesetting: Clients often want us to typeset Italian texts. Italian is typically 25 – 30% longer than an equivalent English text.
E-commerce translation: E-commerce is growing in Italy, but is still behind other countries like the UK and Germany. We can help right from market testing a couple of products, translating your eBay or Amazon store, up to a full e-commerce website.
Branding translation: We can correctly localise your brand message into Italian.

Why Choose Better Languages for your Italian translation?

We have been trading for over 30 years, and work with many top brands. Recent Italian projects have included translating an entire fashion range of several thousand SKUs. This was for a major retailer entering the Italian market.

All our translators, proof readers and project managers are highly qualified linguists. We only use target language native translators who specialise in your required area of expertise. This is highly important. Native translators provide technically correct translation. However they also give a fluidity and local flare that no none-native translator could hope to match.

There are also differences that must be taken into account when looking at your target market. These include cultural differences between countries, even when they have a common tongue. For example, imagine you want to translate a medical text into Italian, and are targeting Switzerland. Then we will localise the translation for the Swiss market. Our translator will be native Swiss-Italian with a background in medical translation.

We understand the complexities of language and endeavour to provide the highest quality translations.

We have a long history of providing Italian translation and have completed large volumes of work for some of the UK’s biggest companies. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and discussion of your needs. We’re always happy to help.