Japanese Translation Services

Japanese Translation Services

Japanese Translation

We do lots of Japanese translation. Clients include Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, and Paul Smith. Japanese is the native language of more than 125 million people.

Native linguists

We only work with natives. A Japanese native translates into Japanese, or an English native into English. Most of our team also live in Japan. This helps them stay up to date. All languages change over time, and Japanese is no exception.

Native proficiency is important, but so are other skills. Our team are both well qualified and specialist. Some projects need more than one specialism.

Imagine a large e-commerce translation. A legal specialist will translate your Ts an Cs and your cookie policy. The main site probably needs a marketing translator. Then depending on your product types, a technical translator will work on your product descriptions.

High volume projects

If a project is either large or urgent, we work with several Japanese translators. They work together using shared translation memory and glossaries. This helps both consistency and accuracy. Please note though, that this is a compromise. We always prefer work by a single author. Two translators will always have different writing styles.

English to Japanese Translation Services

Japanese translation requires a lot of skill. While English is closely related, and borrows from, many other languages, Japanese sits within a family of its own. The two languages also have different alphabets, as well as completely different sentence structures.

Great translation starts with a great translator, but it doesn’t end there. Our QA team are equally important. We carefully check your translations.

DTP and typesetting Japanese

If you have the right fonts, you can probably typeset Japanese yourself. However, why would you?

The fonts are expensive. Especially if you don’t do much Japanese. Preparing the artwork is tricky and time consuming if you can’t read the characters. We can prepare your artwork. We also offer an artwork checking service.

Other languages

Read about our other translation services. We work in over 60 languages.

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