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Legal translations – accurate, professional translation of your legal documents

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We provide expert legal translation services in the following technical areas:

– Legal contract translation services

– Patent application translation services

– Court document translation services

– Company Ts and Cs

Do you need the confidence of a fast and accurate Legal Translation Services Company? Better Languages provides some of the UK’s leading brands, as well as law firms, with faithful and precise legal translations.

We are committed to the highest levels of quality. All our translations are human authored. Both our lead translators and proofreaders are fully qualified legal translators. They are also native of the target language. We have a rigorous ISO9001: UKAS Certified Quality Management System.  We provide legal translations both for use in the UK, and in many other countries.

Legal Contract Translations:

Our team can translate contracts with the source and target languages side by side, so you can compare both. We offer the impartiality you would expect of a legal translation supplied independently of the parties to the contract.

Our aim in translation is to accurately reflect the meaning of the source document. The translation is essentially an explanation of the meaning of the original document in the target language. This allows the reader to understand the intended meaning of the original text. Legal contract translations are normally very literal to the original document. This is because the prime purpose is to express the meaning of the original text.

It is important to recognise that all legal systems are different. There may not be an exact equivalent legal expression in the target language. Here we aim to express the meaning of the original document. We don’t try to convey an equivalent term or legal concept in the target language.

Even a concept as apparently straightforward as a limited company, differs between jurisdictions. Rights, requirements and obligations of companies all differ from one country to another. A legal translation does not in any way negate the need for accurate legal advice. This advice should reflect the relevant system of law.

Normally the courts of the country where an action is brought will decide whether they have jurisdiction. Even if you include an exclusion clause about the applicable system of law, a court may decide it has jurisdiction.  A statement that the source or target language takes precedence is normally a good idea, but could also be ignored. This is why you need expert legal advice.

So what can you rely on from us as a Legal Translation Company?

  • Prompt, professional legal translation services, by our specialist legal translation team.
  • Strict confidentiality. We take all reasonable and practical steps to ensure the confidentiality of your documents. They are only used for the purpose you require. Whether this is for a quote, or to undertake a legal translation assignment.
  • Translation in accordance with our ISO9001 UKAS certified Quality Management System.

Need to speak to us about a legal translation project? For a fast, efficient and accurate legal translation service, into all major languages, contact Better Languages. Call or e-mail today to discuss your requirements for legal translation.

The company specialises in high quality legal translation. This includes translation of complex business documents such as contracts, wills, court documents and patent information.

Please note that we do not translate certificates, diplomas and other qualifications for private individuals. We only work with corporate clients.

Recent jobs have included translating court documents into German and Urdu. We also translated a development contract into Congolese French. Other projects have been a financing contract from English into Mexican Spanish and Oil and Gas contracts from English into Russian.

Certified legal translation services

If your business documents require certifying, we can provide them on company headed paper, stamped and signed. Britain has no official system of approved legal translators. However, you may need to use an authorised official translator in some jurisdictions such as France and Spain.

Notarised Translation:

If you require a notary service in the UK, then we can normally arrange this. This is the process by which a professional translator swears in front of a notary that the translation is accurate. The translator has to appear in person, and will need both the original documents and the translation. It may also be necessary to get an apostille to attest the signature of the notary. Legal translation is usually both faster and cheaper without a notary service, so please ensure you need it before ordering.

To have a translation notarised, you still have the translation cost, as for any other legal translation. However, in addition you are paying for the time of the translator, the notary, and any notary administrative charges.

Selection of legal translators:

Our translators are always professionally qualified in translation. Additionally, they are also native of the target language, and are legal translation specialists. We know that companies have a wide variety of legal translation needs. We therefore match translators and proofreaders very carefully to each individual assignment. Our translators often specialise in specific areas of law.

Client confidentiality is important in all areas of our work. Legal documents can be especially sensitive. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements prior to starting work on an assignment. The only proviso is that they must be in accordance with British and European law.

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