Marketing translation is often referred to as “transcreation” within the translation industry. The idea of the term, is that we are effectively developing a new marketing message in the target language. Our task is to reflect your intended marketing message in a way that engages with your intended audience.

I highly recommend the retail translation services provided by Mike Hunter at Better Languages. Since using them at the beginning of 2011, Better Languages has provided us with a consistent professional service. Their strong attention to detail and meeting of strict deadlines has impressed me greatly. They also provide a strong after-care service.

Derihon Coquard, Debenhams


Do you need marketing translation services? If so this is what you can expect from us:

  • Top quality marketing translators, working into their native languages
  • Trusted by top international brands to provide top class marketing translations
  • Attention to style requirements as well as tone of voice
  • Consistent marketing messages in order to accurately represent your brand
  • Translation, proofreading, typesetting and artwork check and sign-off services for your marketing collateral
  • ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System

Better Languages team

Marketing translation is a specialist field of work. It is not just about translating the text into the target language. The text needs to convey the correct marketing message in the target language. We take into account cultural issues. Your required tone of voice and the stylistic issues of writing for a different market, are also important. Marketing translations need a certain specialised mindset on the part of the translation team. They are often quite lateral, almost like original writing.

It is vital that marketing translation is crafted by professional human translators, as well as being carefully checked. Machine translation or literal word by word translation, though apparently cheap and quick, will certainly spell disaster.

Thank you Bea for a reliable and fast service!

Judith Fitton, IJP DESIGN

Our approach to marketing translation services is as follows:

  • Translators are native of the target language, and either in-country or have close regular links with the country. This is most important in order to ensure up to date language and correct style.
  • We use specialist translators for marketing translations who have experience of translating this type of text.
  • We consult clients on the intended target audience. This isn’t only about language. For example, are you aiming to reach the general public, academia, a specific social class or age demographic? If your marketing translation is for publication, where and how is it to be published?
  • We consider appropriate use of language in the specific target market. For example, some commonly used words in European Spanish sound bad in Latin American Spanish, and vice versa. European French is becoming increasingly permissive of use of English words within the language. Canadian French does not use English within the language in the same way.
  • Marketing translation is quite a broad field of work. Branding and advertising translation is often quite different to website translation, even though they may both be marketing focused. We select the most appropriate translators for the individual assignment.
  • Are you unsure which languages you need for a particular market? If so, talk to us about your needs and we can advise.
  • We translate a wide range of marketing materials. These include: brochures, leaflets and inserts, website translation, as well as label and packaging translation. We also translate promotional campaigns, email marketing campaigns, social media articles, including Twitter, Facebook and blog posts.

Some examples of recent marketing translation projects:

  • Our team translated advertising brochures for a UK college looking to recruit overseas students.
  • Translation of an e-mail marketing campaign into 9 languages for a UK exporter.
  • Translation of a tourist industry website.
  • We translated a series of straplines for a UK food manufacturer to use at a European food trade show.
  • Translating sales brochures for an aviation industry supplier, this included preparing finished artwork in Arabic and Simplified Chinese.

Thanks for these, they look excellent!! I’m sure we’ll come back to you next time we need translation.

Howard Jones, BCS PR Ltd.

Need advice on your marketing translation needs? Contact betterlanguages.com to talk about your multilingual branding and marketing.

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