How to translate legal documents – our top 10 tips

Do you need to know how to translate legal documents for your business? If so, these top 10 tips are for you. Translation can be a complex and daunting prospect if you are unsure what you need. Read more to discover where to start. Tip 1: don’t try to use Google translate! Ok, that might […]

Food translation and compliance

food label translation

Food Translation And Compliance Request a Quote Are you a food retailer or manufacturer starting to export to different world markets? Correct food translation and compliance are key elements to successful packaging. If you get either wrong, you can have big problems. Re-stickering is usually expensive and time consuming. So how do food translation and […]

Translating Indian languages

Translating Indian Languages Request a Quote Translating Indian languages has many pitfalls that are easily avoided. Find out more about our approach. 1. English is an official language of India Before thinking about translation into Indian languages, you should consider whether you actually need translation. This is because English is an official language of India, […]

5 business translation myths – and why they are wrong

5 Business Translation Myths – And Why They Are Wrong Request a Quote Like all industries, there are myths about translation. Its easy to misunderstand many professions. This article describes 5 common translation myths – and why they are wrong. Myth 1: translation is instant Okay, it is and it isn’t. If you want to […]