Moving Better Languages online

Moving Better Languages Online Request a Quote In many respects we have always been an online business. From the early days of the internet, we have always worked remotely. Our translators have always worked remotely. Many are in different parts of the world. When working with commercial translation services, up to date use of terminology […]

retail translation – best practice guide

Retail Translation – Best Practice Guide Request a Quote Retail translation has many important conventions to ensure best practice. Translators ignore them at their peril, but we often find retail clients unaware of some of these important issues. So this is our retail translation best practice guide. 1. Human or machine? If you want the […]

Food Packaging Translation

Food Packaging Translation Request a Quote Food packaging translation is a specialist area of work. If you are a food manufacturer or retailer, there are a number of issues to consider. Legal compliance Before you think about translation, is your existing packaging legally compliant for your target market? If you are a US company selling […]

Mobile friendly websites

Mobile Friendly Websites Request a Quote Mobile friendly websites have long been a priority for many businesses. We launched our first mobile site in 2010. Times have changed though. What do mobile friendly websites look like in 2017? Early website development Before I answer that, let’s consider our own mobile development. Back in the early […]

Scientific translators

Scientific Translators Request a Quote Scientific translators are highly skilled in their specialist technical areas. All translators specialise, but scientific texts require particular terminology skills. We are ISO: 9001 certified for translation services, and work with many top companies. So what makes good scientific translators? Here are the 5 key skills we look for: Trained […]