Catalan translation – translating between English and Catalan

Catalan Translation – Translating Between English And Catalan Request a Quote This article discusses Catalan as well as its relationship to other languages spoken in the Spain. We also discuss Catalan translation. The language we know as “Spanish” is Castellano. It is originally the language of Castille, the region is broadly in central Spain, around […]

unpaid internships – should they be banned in the UK?

Translation training

Unpaid Internships – Should They Be Banned In The UK? Request a Quote The BBC has today published an interesting article regarding unpaid internships. The tenor of the article, is that there is widespread public support for banning unpaid internships. The idea is that  after 4 weeks duration, requiring minimum wage legislation to apply. Are […]

Commissioning retail translations – our twelve top tips

Commissioning Retail Translations – Our Twelve Top Tips Request a Quote As specialist retail translators, people often ask us what makes a better retail translation. Here are our 12 top tips when commissioning retail translations. 1) Before commissioning retail translations do your research! Do you need to translate into a particular language? If you are […]

Pack copy translations – our 10 top tips when preparing for translation

Pack Copy Translations – Our 10 Top Tips When Preparing For Translation Request a Quote Pack copy translations need careful collaboration between the retailer or manufacturer and your chosen translation supplier. Here are our top tips when preparing pack copy for translation: 1. First decide whether you need pack copy translations. Some jurisdictions and product […]

Machine Translation – or Professional Translation?

Machine Translation – Or Professional Translation? Request a Quote I’m often asked whether Google translate will put translators out of work. Well the short answer is not any time soon. You will know this if you have read machine translation into English originating from countries such as China. So, machine translation or professional translation, which […]