UK General Election – business impact

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UK General Election – Business Impact Request a Quote As the dust starts to settle from the UK general election on 8th June, many international businesses may be asking themselves how this will affect the UK in international trade. Unquestionably, an uncertain environment just got even more uncertain. The risk for business in the uncertainty […]

5 top tips for accurate multilingual food labelling

5 Top Tips For Accurate Multilingual Food Labelling Request a Quote This article discusses our 5 top tips for accurate multilingual food labelling. Back in February 2013 the UK was in the middle of the horse meat crisis. I wrote an article about the correct labelling of food, entitled “100% horse meat translated into 26 […]

EU referendum, better off out or in? Thoughts of a local Nottingham business.

EU Referendum, Better Off Out Or In? Thoughts Of A Local Nottingham Business. Request a Quote As the EU Referendum approaches this week, Mike Hunter, Better Languages CEO presents the case as to why it is good for business to remain in the EU. “I have been clear in my views throughout the campaign. It […]

As the EU referendum approaches, is a BREXIT good for business?

As The EU Referendum Approaches, Is A BREXIT Good For Business? Request a Quote Many business leaders are entering the political debate about the approaching EU referendum. I thought it was time to give a few thoughts. Views here are my own, but also represent our official company position, writes Mike Hunter, CEO of Better […]