Polish Translation Services

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Are you a business needing a marketing or technical text translated into Polish? Look no further, we can offer you the best Polish translation services.

Facts about Poland

Poland is actually one of Europe’s least linguistically diverse countries. 97% of the population declare Polish as their first language. This means that translating into Polish is essential for any business looking to export to Poland. It is also the second most spoken Slavic language after Russian. Ethnic Poles constitute large minorities in many countries, with over half a million Poles living in England and Wales. Polish is a rich language with four main dialects. These are Greater Polish, Lesser Polish, Masovian and Silesian. People sometimes consider Silesian a different language, as it diverges significantly from the other variants.

Professional Polish Translation

Polish is a rich and complex language. It needs careful consideration when translating. We only use native professional translators. We carefully project manage all our assignments, and the lead Polish translator will be specialist in your required technical area. A second linguist independently checks all work.

Our Polish translators are individually selected for your specific translation requirements. We base our selection on their specialist expertise. This is as important as their language pair. This ensures that we use correct terminology confidently and accurately.

On large projects, we may sometimes need the expertise of several translators. For example, imagine a large e-commerce website. You may have technical descriptions if you have a very technical product, requiring specific expertise. Other sections of your site may be more marketing focused, and you may also need legal text such as your Ts and Cs. We approach this either by working with a lead translator with several areas of relevant specialism, or more likely we will work with different translators for different aspects of the work. We still proofread for consistency of style and chosen terminology.

What to consider when choosing Polish translation services

We only use native translators

Our translators are not only be fluent in the language but also have acute knowledge of how to translate the meaning and intent into the target language. Native speakers also understand your target audience. We aim to choose an appropriate style and tone based on our knowledge of the language and culture.

Language and culture varies from country to country, but also depending on your target audience. For example, are you a fashion brand aimed at young people, or perhaps you sell business to business, and need to appeal to top decision makers. All of our translators are native Polish speakers to ensure understanding, accuracy and quality.

Translation experience

You are making a crucial business decision by employing a professional translation company whether it be for your product labels and packaging for exports, or for your website aimed at a new audience. We understand that you expect the best and here at Better Languages we have a long history of working with blue chip companies as well as SMEs around the World. We have been providing Polish translation services since the 1980s, so you can be assured of our experience and quality.

Ask for testimonials

Nothing speaks louder about the quality of a company and their translation services than reviews and testimonials from their customers. You put a lot of trust in your translators, especially if you have no understanding of the Polish language yourself. You want to be sure that your translations are perfect and what better indicator of quality than happy, repeat customers. At Better Languages we have great relationships with our customers, many returning time after time. The most common compliments we hear are about the quality of our Polish translation. But don’t take our word for it, read our customer testimonials:

“I highly recommended the translation services provided by Mike Hunter at Better Languages. Since using them at the beginning of 2011, Better Languages have provided us with a consistent professional service. Their strong attention to detail and meeting of strict deadlines has impressed me greatly and they also provide a strong after-care service.”

Derihon Coquard, Debenhams

“Great work, very happy, we’ll be doing a lot more business with you.”

Jonathan Davies, Cambrian Pet Foods ltd.

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