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A retail shop with translated care labels

Better Languages has over 30 years experience of retail translation services. We work with some of the largest global brands. Retail clients include Debenhams, Mothercare, Paul Smith, Thorntons, Next, and many others. Read our Mothercare and New Look case studies to find out more about our work.

A care label being translated for retail

Derihon Coquard, Debenhams – “I highly recommend the retail translation services provided by Mike Hunter at Better Languages. Since using them at the beginning of 2011, Better Languages has provided us with a consistent professional service. Their strong attention to detail and meeting of strict deadlines has impressed me greatly. They also provide a strong after-care service.”

Our range of retail translation services:

We work on a wide range of retail projects. These include labels and packaging, user guides and inserts, marketing collateral, as well as websites, corporate communications and legal texts. We also translate point of sale information, retail signage, HR policies and procedures, and many other technical areas. Each of our customers has their own specific needs. Issues in common are often tight deadlines, large numbers of SKUs, but often with few words per product. Many retail texts are complex, with both marketing and technical aspects. When selling to the general public, you want your information to be clear, easy to read, but also technically accurate.

Where in the world do you want to trade?

We do some translation targeted at the UK. Maybe you need your whole website in Welsh? We also translate into minority languages for the UK. However the focus of our work is targeted at international trade. In most cases, if you want to sell in an overseas territory, all your consumer information will need to be in the local language. There are likely to be legal requirements for products and packaging. If you employ staff in-country, you are also likely to need company information translated. this could include for example a staff handbook, health and safety procedures, contracts of employment. Even before trading you are likely to need legal documents translated, as well as market information, and other technical documents.

Better Languages works in over 60 languages

We work regularly in over 60 languages. Your requirements are probably quite different to other retailers. Everyone needs a different set of languages, depending on the territories they are working with. The type of translation you need may vary too. The better we understand your brand, and what you want to achieve, the better we can help. We have worked with some of the largest global brands entering new markets for the first time. This often involves translating a lot of product information in a short time, as well as technical documents.

High volume projects

All our translation is human authored, so if you need 200,000 words in 24 hours, don’t call us! Professional translation needs both time and specialist technical skill. We often deal with high volume multi-lingual projects.

E-commerce can be particularly intense if you need a large multilingual website. You are essentially paying based on the number of words, so translating a full e-commerce site of a major retail brand takes significant resource, both your and ours. We typically supply the translations in an Excel or XML format, but they will also need to be uploaded and checked before putting live. Find out more about e-commerce translation.

We also work on major label and packaging translation projects. Recent projects have included translating a major e-commerce website into Norwegian, and translating a major retailer’s full set of product packaging for a new European market. We have also done major packaging projects for the Far East, including languages such as Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

As retail is highly deadline driven, we are happy to discuss SLAs. Project planning also helps us to match resource to peaks in demand.

Better Languages offers:

  • An emphasis on quality and accuracy in translation
  • We carefully select the best retail translators
  • Independent QA checking, and ISO: 9001 accreditation
  • We are flexible in our approach, with a “can do” attitude. If your project is unrealistic we’ll tell you!
  • Help with multilingual typesetting, including artwork preparation, check and sign off.
  • Access to legal compliance advice, especially for food label translation.
  • Full range of languages catered for. Our largest number of languages on a single order to date is 42.

Selecting retail translators

Quality and accuracy is achieved first and foremost by selecting the right translators. would you ask a trainee doctor to do your brain surgery? We never cease to be amazed, when people use students, or unqualified translators, and expect a high quality output. Even if you select a well qualified freelancer, you are still giving yourself problems. What do you do when they are ill, or on holiday? How do you check their work?

All our translators have experience of your type of project. Retail is a very broad subject area. We select translators based on very specific requirements. For example you terms and conditions of business are likely to be translated by a different translator to your food packaging or your HR manual. Each require different terminology, and potentially different translation strategies.

Hayley Solomon, Avery Dennison – “We urgently needed 1001 translations for the 9 languages when we launched around July/August last year. And I must say, swift accurate service was much appreciated from yourselves, especially with the complexity of the project, it was just what we needed. So thank you!”

Discuss our retail translation services

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Find out more about how we can help you. Discuss up and coming projects, or get a quote on a specific project. We appreciate your need of confidentiality, and are happy to sign a mutual NDA before receiving any files or project details. If you would like us to quote, we do need some basic details including required languages, specialist technical area, any formatting requirements, and of course either a sample or the full text