Scientific Translation Services

Translation for science – in any language

Scientific research needing to be translated

Do you need clear and accurate Scientific Translations? If so, we can help. Our translations are trusted by leading international brands. We work in over 60 languages. All our work is human authored, and we only work with qualified native linguists. Why settle for less, when you can have a Better translation?

Our Life Sciences team works in a range of scientific specialisms including:

  • Pharma
  • Clinical trials and clinical research
  • Medical devices
  • Healthcare
  • Drug labelling

The type of documents we translate includes:

  • Clinical Trials manuals as well as other documentation
  • Drug Registration Documentation
  • Instructions for use (IFU)
  • IVRS scripts
  • Medical device technical data sheets
  • Packaging, which includes inserts as well as labelling
  • Scientific research papers

Nottingham – A City of Science

We are based in Nottingham, UK, which is an internationally renowned centre for scientific business. In this city you will find two world class universities. The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. There is also the award winning BioCity. BioCity is home to a cluster of Life Sciences start-ups, and fast growing businesses. Nottingham Trent University is a multidisciplinary environment for science learning, teaching and research.

Nottingham is a city built on science, and we are proud to contribute to its status as a centre of scientific excellence with our expert scientific translation services.

Selecting the best scientific translators

A good translator is effectively a technical writer, and is in effect authoring text in the target language. For this reason it is vital that scientific translators are specialists in the relevant technical scientific field, as well as translating into their native language. Our translators are normally professionally qualified in translation, often to post-graduate level. Some translation companies suggest that scientists make the best scientific translators, but we don’t agree, as translation itself is a specialist discipline requiring a high level of training and specialist expertise. All translators are terminologists, as a result of handling specialist terminology in their chosen area of specialism.

We understand complex scientific terminology, and carefully select the correct wording in the target language to provide a high quality scientific translation that is true to the original.

Some examples of our type of work includes translating data sheets, academic papers, product leaflets and clinical trials manuals, although our teams translate a wide range of technical scientific documents.

This article gives some interesting additional thoughts about  scientific translators. The specialism is often underrated by people training to work in the industry. 

Proofing Your Scientific Translation

Our commitment to quality is total. As a translation company, we understand that even the very best translators are fallible. For this reason, we use independent QA and linguistic validation, and as a result, make absolutely sure that our scientific translation work is clear, correct and accessible.

We can build glossaries of client specific terminology, or use existing glossaries, while background material provided by the client, is of primary importance, to ensure best consistency between projects. The business is ISO: 9001 certified.

Why Use Our Scientific Translation Services?

We offer a wide range of scientific translation services, including translation of technical data sheets, academic papers, product leaflets and manuals, we also translate into almost all major world languages. We deliver the highest quality of scientific translation service.

To discuss your scientific translation requirements, call us on +44 (0)115 978 8980 or contact us.