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Are you a business or organisation requiring specialist medical translation services? Better Languages is ISO: 9001 certified for translation services and works successfully with the vibrant East Midlands Medical and Pharma sectors translating medical device packaging, inserts and technical data sheets, Pharma packaging, instructions, and data sheets, promotional materials for the sectors for both online and in-store point of sale, FAQ sheets, clinical trials manuals, and many other technical areas.

Our trained professionals understand the complex terminology that makes medical translation such a demanding process. Better Languages are therefore able to offer accurate and reliable medical translation services, from English into over 60 world languages.

What Sort of Medical Translation Services Do We Offer?

Companies normally have to provide proof of patent documentation in many different languages when applying for an EU-wide patent for new medical devices. Our expert linguists can help with the translation of these documents, and can also be of assistance when it comes to the translation of technical data sheets and medical device instructions.

Our medical translation services can also help you with the translations of clinical research and trial reports, data sheets, drug trials, medical charts, patient records, hospital discharge summaries and doctoral theses.

Finally, our medical translation services also cover the translation of medicine packaging, usage and dosage instructions, and promotional literature. Indeed, the risks associated with drug label translation perfectly highlight the need for accuracy in medical translation. This is one discipline in which every word counts, where carelessness really can cost lives.

Why Use Better Languages Medical Translation Services?

Accuracy is key when it comes to medical translation. Our dedicated team of qualified linguists understands complex medical terminology, as well as the subtleties of international languages. We use meticulous attention to detail, in order to ensure that nothing is ever lost in translation.

As an ISO: 9001 accredited translation company, you can depend on us to deliver safe, accurate and reliable medical translations.

To discuss our medical translation services, or your specific requirements, contact us or call +44 115 978 8980.