We believe that the best quality pharmaceutical translations rely on more than just the best translators with expertise in your industry; they also require rigorous QA, use of translation memory, and careful terminology management; as well as effective coordination by a dedicated Project Manager, and of course the backing of an ISO: 9001 accredited quality management system. When selecting Better Languages you are choosing a translation company who understands the needs of your sector, and a dedicated team of professionals who will work with you to ensure high quality pharmaceutical translations from English into up to 60 languages.

Translation quality and accuracy

Our translation team, including the project manager, translators, and QA checkers working on your project will all have pharma experience. We understand your need for accurate, professional translation with consistent technical terminology, accurately reflecting the source text.. We take customer confidentiality very seriously, and whilst your translation team will be pharma specialists, we never disclose confidential information between clients. Our teams always use customer specific translation memory, and respect your terminology preferences.

Human v machine translation

We use human authors for all our translations. We believe that translation software should only assist the translator. For example by allowing them to refer to previously translated terms to ensure consistency. Technology also allows us to populate exact match phrases rather than having to key them in each time. At Better Languages however, it is the human doing the translation, rather than a machine. Beware translation companies that extol the alleged value and cost saving of statistical machine translation. Pharmaceutical translations are never cheap. As translation quality and accuracy is paramount, we human author, and independently QA check all translations.

If you would like to discuss a pharmaceutical translation project with us, please get in touch.