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Pharmaceutical packing and labels that have been translated

We provide excellent pharmaceutical translations. This isn’t just about selecting the best translators. Important though that is. Its about teamwork. We use rigorous QA, with independent proof reading. We also use translation memory, as well as careful terminology management. Our Project Manager will work closely with you. They are your main point of contact with us.

We have an ISO: 9001 quality system. You are at the heart of the system, as we apply continuous improvement. Translation is an art, not a science, so we can always improve.

Some things are just right, or wrong, like using the correct terms. However, we also think about the style and tone of the text. Who is your target audience? For example are you writing for medical specialists, or the general public? Each need a different approach.

Why choose Better Languages?

We have been trading since 1982, and work with many of the world’s leading brands. We translate into over 60 languages. Our translators are always professionally qualified, and native of the target language. We need to understand the correct terms in both languages. We also have to be highly accurate.

Our aim is to produce the very best quality at first draft. However, translation checks are is also very important. This is why we apply a team approach.

Pharma Translation quality and accuracy

Our team includes a Project Manager, translators, as well as proofreaders and QA checkers. We use clear and accurate terms, reflecting your source text.

Our QA process includes both terminology and grammar checks. We especially check things such as dosage information, warnings and claims. We can also check print proofs.

Many clients value our DTP service. This involves you sending us a live version of your files. Normally in a format such as Illustrator or InDesign. We then reflow in the target text. Depending on your needs, this can be single or multi language artwork. We have specialist ability with right to left languages. We also deal with Cyrillic languages, and character sets like Chinese and Japanese. These are expensive to buy if you are only doing a small volume of products.


Confidentiality is vital to our work. We are happy to sign an NDA, but treat all files very carefully. Not just those subject to an NDA. We often work with direct competitors.You should expect this. You are buying our specialist industry expertise.

Whilst we are pharma specialists, we always use customer specific translation memory. We are also careful to respect your terminology preferences.

Human v machine translation

We use human authors for all our translations. We believe that translation software should only assist the translator. For example it allows them to refer to previous translations. This helps us to ensure consistency.

Technology also allows us to populate exact match phrases. This is quicker than having to key them in each time. This saves you and us both time and money. It makes things more efficient.

Beware translation companies who extol the alleged value and cost saving of statistical machine translation. Pharmaceutical translations are never cheap, as translation quality and accuracy is vital. They should always be human authored and checked.

Get in touch to talk to us about any aspect of translation. We are happy to give a quote. We normally respond within one working day.