Technical Translation Services Fast turnaround technical translators

Fast turnaround technical translators

Translators working on a website for a retail client

Our technical translation services are always provided by specialist translators. For example, for an electrical engineering technical specification translation, we use an electrical engineering specialist translator. For mechanical engineering a mechanical engineering specialist translator, etc.

Our technical translators are always professionally qualified, most to a higher degree level. As soon as you talk about technical specialism, clients often think the work will be more expensive, but actually all translators specialise. This is because specific fields of work require different technical specialisms and knowledge of specific terminology. One of the key skills for a good technical translator, is to know when to say “no” to a text, we always give our translators sight of a document before accepting a technical translation project.

Examples of Technical Translation Services projects

  • A site soil survey translation from Romanian into English for a large construction industry client. The lead translator on this assignment was PHD level qualified.
  • Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering technical translations from French to English for another construction industry client as part of their tendering process for a large contract.
  • Health and safety translations English to French, for a French client.
  • Norwegian to English technical translations for a company setting up in Norway.
  • Translating ship signage from English to Simplified Chinese and Arabic.
  • Translating food compliance standards from English to Hebrew.

Technical Translation Services – translators

Technical translators are normally native to the country of your target language and still reside in that country. This ensures appropriate use of the most up to date terminology. They also work regularly with their chosen technical specialism and keep up to date with changes in technical terminology. A good technical translator is in effect a good researcher, they understand the required technical language and also research any new terminology.

[blockquote cite=”Stephen Walker, Brentfield Consultancy Ltd.” ]Thank you for the Italian to English translation of the EBW Psychometric Test, especially as you completed it so quickly. Our Italian distributors were very pleased with your work. The extra comments you made about the translation showed the attention to detail you had taken when carrying out the work for us. It gave us real faith in your work and made sure we had a very open conversation with our clients about the level of detail that was needed when carrying out work of this nature.[/blockquote]

Use of translation technology

Our translation teams use the latest translation technology. By this we do not mean that they use machine translation (MT).  MT produces complete gibberish even with very general texts, never mind specialist technical translations. We use computer assisted translation, this means that the translator (or translation team on larger technical translation projects) build a glossary of technical terminology. As they work through the assignment they refer to, and review the terminology, and for future projects they have the existing glossary to refer to. Glossaries are client specific, as it’s quite possible that two clients, even in the same industry, may use different terminology for the same thing. Where a client has existing approved terminology, we can work with this, and in cases of ambiguity or uncertainty about the source document, we will raise this with the client.

We provide Technical translation services which you can have confidence in, and we will deliver to deadline. When you plan a translation project it’s helpful to involve as early as possible. So do get in touch as soon as you can!

When you contact us please specify the language(s) you want us to translate into. We also need the approximate amount of text you want translated, so that we can estimate.  If you supply an editable copy of the source text, we can give an exact price for the work.

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