Translation Services

We combine creative ability, class leading technical translation, and exceptional customer service, to deliver outstanding translations

The betterlanguages team working on a translation project

So firstly, what are translation services?

Wikipedia defines translation as providing “the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target language text.” So when we talk about translation services, we are therefore talking about a written text.

Our job may seem simple. It is to give an equivalent text in the target language. However, Our work is often complex and time consuming. Translation is a highly skilled profession.

Most translators specialise. Usually they work into their native language. They also need to know and understand any specialist vocabulary. Of course, this is in both the source and target languages. Style and tone of the text are also important.

Please tell us how you intend to use your translation. This is important, because we may have to take a different approach depending on your intended use.

Human or machine translation?

If you buy from us, you are buying hand crafted human translation.

Machine translation has some use. For example it gives the general gist of a document. It doesn’t have the accuracy or stylistic ability of a professional translation however.

Sometimes companies are lured into wasting money on machine translated website content. This especially happens with e-commerce content. The cost may seem attractive. It is likely to be cheaper than paying professional translators. However, both the search engines, as well as human readers, can tell the difference. Ever read a machine translated menu, or maybe product instructions written in China?

Still not sure? This blog article written in 2016, explains more about human v machine translation. Be sure to watch the video by Elan Languages, with sound. Its called “taste the translation”. I know which recipe I would rather sample, and it’s not the Google translation.

Document formats:

We work with documents in standard formats such as Word or Excel. We also work with web formats such as XML or HTML. Our team can supply design formats such as Quark, Illustrator or InDesign. Our translation team will first provide the written text. Then a specialist artworker or graphic designer will deal with layout or design. We have specialist expertise in right to left languages such as Arabic, Farsi, and many Indian languages. Standard versions of design programmes break up and corrupt right to left scripts. We use the Middle eastern version of the Adobe CS suite to ensure correct and accurate typesetting. 

Trusted translators

If you work with us, we help you sell more internationally. Our texts improve your customer journey. They give clear and engaging information to your target audience. We work in over 60 languages.

Angela Brown, Nottingham Trent University “Thank you and your translators for the work you have done for this project. We value the excellent customer service you have provided.”

Many leading brands work with Better Languages. Our clients include top international brands, Mothercare, Debenhams, Early Learning Centre, Paul Smith, and Arcadia.

 We provide:

  • World class quality – we are ISO: 9001 certified.
  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • exceptional customer service.
  • Translating into over 60 languages
  • complex multilingual projects
  • matching specific customer requirements
  • Human authored texts
  • top class professional translators
  • independent QA.

Our retail specialisms include:

  • Translating product user guides and manuals, corporate documents and marketing collateral.
  • Care label translation: We translate wash care instructions, fibre compositions, and marketing text for fashion retailers. This allows them to provide accurate multilingual labels to their customers. We work in over 60 major languages.
  • Food label translation: We translate for leading food retailers and manufacturers. Our food translations include packaging texts. We translate ingredients lists, marketing descriptions, allergy advice, and cooking instructions. We also translate food training courses, auditing information and reports, technical standards and marketing collateral.

Our legal translation services work includes:

  • Legal contract translations, for either internal or for court use.
  • Patent translations into a wide range of languages, using technical specialist patent translators, to ensure correct technical terminology.
  • We translate court documents and official papers to be submitted in evidence.
  • Certificate and diploma translations, for both businesses and individuals.
  • Certified translation services for the UK, and for a range of overseas jurisdictions.

Other major specialisms include:

  • Website translation and localisation, ensuring your website is fit for purpose for speakers of other languages, through prompt, professional translation.
  • Technical translation in a wide range of languages and specialisms, and we work with both retailers and manufacturers. All good translators specialise, yet technical texts require even greater expertise in specialist terminology. Our understanding of your required specialist vocabulary, will enable us to deliver accurate technical target language documents. We achieve a high level of accuracy at first draft. QA and terminology checks further improve the translation.
  • Document translation of a wide range of documents for commercial, legal or academic use. We work with most document formats, and over 60 major languages. You can be confident that we will meet your needs.

Your intended audience

Please tell us how you want to use the translation, so that we understand your requirements. We approach a text differently depending on your required use, as well as your intended target audience. A document prepared for  internal understanding, will be different to the same text prepared for publication. Do you wish to communicate with a young general public demographic, rather than to older people? You may want to speak to an academic audience. Perhaps you need to address senior government officials. In each case the approach will be different. The required style and tone of the translation will vary depending on your intended audience.

High profile document translation services

Do you need a high profile public document translated? We translate annual reports and accounts for global corporations. We also translate major websites, media releases, and almost any other type of document.

Next steps

If you have a text and need a quote, we simply need some basic information. Here’s a check list of what we need:

  1. Your contact details: please include name, address, contact number, as well as an email address
  2. The document(s), which should ideally be in an editable format
  3. If sending scanned or photocopied documents, be sure they are readable, and have nothing missing
  4. If needing a website quote, please include the URL if it is a live site
  5. For large projects, sample files are OK rather than sending 100s of files
  6. Tell us the required languages. If the original is not in English, then please confirm the source language.

Buying translation is essentially buying time for money. All things being equal, if you double the length of a  text, it will be double the price. Some languages are more expensive than others. We don’t normally charge extra for technical documents, but some specialist texts may be more expensive. Either give us a call to discuss your requirements on + 44 115 9788980 or use our contact form.