Typical Sectors

Better Languages works with a wide range of business sectors, find out about our top specialisms.

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Typical Sectors we work with

If you have ever filled in one of those annoying Government forms, which gives you a list of categories to define your business, you will know that this page is a risk, as however we define categories of business, you may not exactly fit – so the first thing to say is that we treat businesses as individual, with unique requirements. No two challenges are identical, no two translations are identical. Even supposedly standard wording like legal warnings may differ in style and tone between two different companies. Having said all of this, clients normally want to know something about the typical sectors we work with, so here goes:

Retail Translation Services

We work with many top international retailers, here are just a few of our regular retail clients: Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Debenhams, Next, and Paul Smith. Translation work for retailers can be quite varied, including translation of product labels, packaging, inserts and user guides, translating corporate information including internal staff communications, press releases, websites, e-commerce translation, HR, legal and technical documents.

Food Industry Translations

We are specialists in food labelling and packaging translations, and work with many leading food manufacturers and retailers. Clients include larger brands such as Costa, Thorntons, Kettle Foods, and Iceland Foods. We also work with SMEs translating smaller product ranges. Our team has the ability to translate multilingual food labelling, our largest number of languages for a single food project so far is 40 languages. We also translate food industry training materials, equipment manuals and datasheets, and many other technical documents, such as Quality Assurance and audit documents, marketing materials, and websites.

Legal Sector Translations

We translate a wide range of legal documents including contracts, legal notices, solicitor’s letters and court documents. Most of our legal translation work is for corporate clients and firms of solicitors. We do not normally do legal aid funded work, as our rates are higher than those approved by the MOJ. For overseas jurisdictions it is important to understand your exact requirements. Every legal system has different requirements when dealing with translation. For example Spain, France and Poland all have official translators who have to handle certain types of legal document. For UK use translations may need to be certified, or notarised.

Technical Manufacturing Translations

We work with a range of manufacturers translating technical documents. These include technical data sheets, product manuals and user guides, in addition to marketing brochures, and company websites. We work with local manufacturers including The House of Crafts and outdoor sector manufacturers Nikwax.