Video Translation Services

Video translation including dubbing, subtitling, and script translations

The betterlanguages team working on a translation project

Many businesses around the world make heavy use of video content in their marketing and training. There are few better ways to quickly and effectively convey information.

Video content can also prove hugely effective for businesses that are taking their first steps into international markets. Rather than forcing your entire board and sales team to learn a new language, a video can speak for you. It can communicate your brand message in a language that will resonate with international buyers. It will also resonate with consumers, and investors.

The problem is, no matter how enticing your products or services, a poorly translated video can scupper your international growth. You do need to properly optimise your video content for the customs and colloquialisms of your target audience. Otherwise, your business will come across as shoddy, unprofessional, and wholly unprepared for the needs of the international market.

It is therefore vital that you call upon the services of a professional translation agency. At BetterLanguages, we offer expert video translation services that can help you to spread your message across the world.

Video Translation Services from Better Languages

At BetterLanguages, we can carry out a high quality translation and localisation of the following videos:

  • Advertisements
  • Presentations
  • Product demonstrations
  • Corporate videos
  • Training materials

We can adapt our video translation services to suit your unique business requirements. Whether you require subtitling, voiceovers, transcriptions, captioning, or dubbing, we’re here to help. What’s more, we ensure the accuracy of your video translation by using target language native professional translators. Our translators also have direct experience in crafting high quality translations for your particular sector.

In this way, you can be confident that we will not lose your various sector-specific words and phrases in translation. Your video will be presented in a language that resonates with your target audience. On top of that, we use an ISO:9001 UKAS Certified Quality Management System to ensure the accuracy and reliability of every project we handle.

We can also translate videos you receive from your international clients into English.

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